Rendering: Carkeek Design Partners

CF-520     52ft IRC Racing Yacht for 2021

FIBRE Mechanics and Carkeek Design announce a new 52ft IRC racing yacht for 2021.

Full production tooling for the new boat, to be known as the CF-520 is now under construction at FIBRE Mechanics in Lymington UK.  We plan to build a short series of CF-520s, with boat one already scheduled for launching in early March 2021. A second build slot is available for delivery in May 2021.


Boat one is being configured principally for offshore racing and will feature a water ballast tank system designed to reduce the crew numbers to 7 or 8.  However, Carkeek Design Partners and FIBRE Mechanics are making a wide range of equipment options available allowing subsequent boats to be configured to suit different racing programmes. Preliminary details indicate a full on approach to the hull build, with Waterfront Composites specifying full IM carbon and honeycomb core throughout. Detailed specifications and pricing for the standard boat will be releaed over the next few weeks.


Specifications and Design Notes coming soon.