Eliot Thorne - design & engineering

With a degree in maths from Bristol University, Eliot decided to become a diving instructor and work on yachts in the Caribbean after uni.  The same company that hired him to run a dive boat then sent him to Thailand to help finalise the build of a 110' schooner, Argo, which was set to start circumnavigating the globe with students onboard in 2006.  While in Thailand working long days in the yard, Eliot’s mathematical mind became interested in the design of yachts.  Once the schooner Argo was finished he helped safely navigate it from Thailand to the Mediterranean where he decided to step off and continue his education and become a yacht designer.

Eliot got his degree in naval architecture and yacht design in the US, and afterwards started work for Robertson & Caine in South Africa, developing the Leopard range of catamarans for the charter market.  There he worked in a production environment and gained the invaluable skill of learning how to streamline systems, build yachts efficiently while still maintaining a high quality product. After 5 years at R&C he wanted to expand his knowledge and work on a more custom product, and took a job out in Xiamen, China and was the head designer for HH Catamarans, designing a range of seven high performance luxury catamarans from 48'-115'.  The combination of these experiences has given him a valuable insight into techniques that can prioritise ultimate client satisfaction and at the same time can improve build and design optimisation to ensure schedule adherence and cost efficiency.  Overall project development is always at the forefront of every decision.

Wanting to relocate back to the UK, Eliot took a job with Green Marine in Hythe. He was brought onto the team as senior designer and was mainly responsible for design and business development of new projects prior to manufacture.  His primary focus was a detailed design package for an 86’ luxury performance catamaran. After leaving Green Marine he set up his own design consultancy business with an extensive range of international yacht manufacturing clients as well as individual projects.  These projects have primarily been focused on high performance full carbon fit out projects; with design services ranging from initial concept down to final detailed build design.  This lead into a position with FIBRE Mechanics and a joint desire to build cutting edge products with a collective of the most innovative individuals in the yachting industry.